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 The Final Word game review

Gunstar Heroes -- Sega of America

Heart pounding action comes straight to your home in Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis. Two players can blast their way through every variety of boss and bad guy in this fast-paced side scrolling action title.

Ferrari Man
YES!!!! This game is great! Have you ever just wanted to blow away mindlessly? Well, if you have then this game is for you. There is tons of non-stop action, and many levels. There is adjustable difficulty to suit the game just for you, too. Perhaps the best part of this game is the awesome parodies of other games (Namely Contra on the SNES and NES). If you are in for a mind game, look elsewhere--but if not, than this is a must have.

This game was very fun. Very similar to the Contra games. The graphics were pretty good and had some cool effects. The sound was cool and the sound effects were great. The playability of this game was great and responded well. The game will keep you interested especially with two players. Overall a very solid game for your Genesis library.

No question about it, this game is the best two player action cart I've seen on the Genesis to date! You get action, action, and for bonus, you get more action with a lot of comedy. This is a game that once solved is fun to play again repeatedly, just to watch for more of the silliness that goes on that you may have missed before. Everything is top notch in the game.

Total Carnage! This title is excellent! Gunstar Heroes has more bullets, more bombs, and more action than any title I've seen in a long time. In addition to gripped-to-your-seat thrills, Gunstar Heroes is also a barrel of laughs. The characters are absolutely wild; one boss even "breaks wind" to try and knock you off the screen. Mondo Radical.

>>>>> 88.5/100 <<<<< Ferrari Man ???? R.I.P. Salamander
Graphics 4.0 4.0 4.5 4.5
Sound 3.5 4.0 4.0 4.0
Gameplay/Control 5.0 4.5 5.0 5.0
Longevity/Playability 4.5 4.0 5.0 5.0
Overall 4.5 4.0 5.0 4.5
Total 21.5 20.5 23.5 23.0

Originally appeared Vol 2, Iss 4 (11-12/93)