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 The Final Word game review
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Flink -- Vic Tokai, Inc./Psygnosis

If you like late 80's/early 90's European/Amiga platform games (such as Zool, or James Pond), then this title is a keeper for you.

Graphically this game is pretty nice looking, much more so than others that I've seen of this type. In fact the graphics were more in line with games like Gex on the 3DO and Rayman on the Jaguar. The one unique feature that makes this game different though is the RPG type element of collecting spell components to make up spells which you can use to solve puzzles or explore additional areas of levels.

Overall, the game is pretty good and if you can find it cheap enough, you should give it a try. Also, if you liked Lomax on the PlayStation, then you should definitely check this one out since Lomax is very much like Flink... so much so that I initially thought Lomax was a sequel.

>>>>> 20.5/25 <<<<< R.I.P.
Graphics 4.5
Sound 4.0
Gameplay/Control 4.0
Longevity/Playability 4.0
Overall 4.0
Total 20.5