E3 Day Two

Sports gamers everywhere rejoice! The sports games we saw today were nothing short of orgasmic. From 12-player hockey to texture mapped rendered soccer, the games were phenominal.

The day started with an early demonstration of the 12-player NHL All-Star Hockey for the Sega Saturn. You're there with real teams, real players and real season action - not to mention your 11 best buddies. This requires two of the ~$50 6-player multi taps, and 11 additional controllers. Sega also added Worldwide Soccer, Pebble Beach Golf Links and NBA action to the Saturn line-up.

Sony PlayStation supporters were not slacking off either, however. Konami had a killer 3D rendered soccer game, (tentative name: 3D Soccer), that was incredible. The game was the closest thing to real soccer we've ever seen. Both Konami and Crystal Dynamics had Baseball games for the PlayStation that are in the works. Crystal Dynamics 3D Baseball '95 was particularly impressive. The game's developers used real motion capture and photorealistic rendering to create one of the hottest games coming out for both the Saturn and the PlayStation.

The 16-bit systems still had a strong showing as well. The SNES had a new interactive life-cycle system - Exertainment. This system featured full feedback, and some interesting games. The Genesis had a complete lineup from the Sega Sports Division.

The Jaguar demonstrated some new VR technology that will give them a new edge. The system featured fast refresh rates, and an industry leading tracking system operating at 250hz, with only a 4ms lag! The light HMD featured an active matrix LCD, but was not stereoscopic. Development for the system should be a very simple conversion from any current Jaguar game. The projected pack-in is Missle Command 2000 featuring both an enhanced, and the original versions.

We were suprised to learn that Phillips does not plan to implement the 3DO format into their future players.

We expect to hear some incredible news from Sony tomorrow, so make sure to check back then!

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