E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo 1995

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The E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo ranks as one of the world's largest tradeshows, featuring nearly 700,000 square feet of exhibit space. Exhibitors ranged from leading video game manufacturers and cutting edge software houses to virtual reality, interactive television and other electronics gurus.

This electronic entertainment event ran from May 11th through May 13th in Los Angeles, California. Keynote speakers included Sega of America, Inc. president and CEO Thomas Kalinske; Sony Electronic Publishing Company president Olaf Olafsson; and Nintendo chairman Howard Lincoln.

E3 closed with an attendance near 38,000 which marked this show as the second-largest inaugural trade show ever, as well as the largest trade show ever held in the Los Angeles Convertion Center. The show was so well received that plans have already been laid for a 1996 show which will run from May 30th through June 1st, again in LA. Plans are also in the works to establish sister shows in Japan, South America and Europe starting next year with Japan's show set for August 29th through 31st in Yokohama Japan.

E3 is the convention where you'll see the future first - and Game Zero covers every second of it.

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