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(photo)Game Zero Presents: The Women of E3

Dr. Otto presents a tour of some of the fairer attractions of the
Electronic Entertainment Expo, which were located in this
innocent looking building in Los Angeles.-ed

(photo)A trio of L.A. Lakers Cheerleaders were
responsible for a fairly large puddle of drool at the Konami both. Now I know
why everyone wants to play Pro Basketball.

(photo)The only time during the show I didn't mind
waiting in line behind someone was at the 3DO pavilion, waiting to take a shot
at American Laser Game's Space Pirates.

(photo)Definitely the hottest number at the show
was the precisely choreographed dance routine presented by Nintendo at the
Killer Instinct display... These vixens spent the entire three days dancing,
perspiring, and posing for pictures with guys they normally wouldn't touch
with a ten meter cattle prod.

(photo)This lovely lady guarding the Williams pavilion
was a bit light on conversation but had a very strong presence none-the-less.

(photo)Close personal friend to the Doctor, Amie Furnari
was on hand at the Mindscape booth portraying "Zia" from Savage Warriors...
Andrah would be proud.

(photo)I've always been a cat person... Now you know why...

(photo)I'm pretty sure that these lovely Chargers
Cheerleaders had no idea that this photo would be the centerpiece to a little
shrine I've got planned for the hall closet.

(photo)The first lady of video games, Sonya, was joined
by the decidely hatless Kung Lao at the Williams pavilion. Jax was also on hand
but was doing the "rabbit ears" thing behind my back at the time...

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