E3 Day Three

The third and final day of E3 was a big hit for the Sony PlayStation and PC-gaming. The Sony PlayStation had a showing from many of their 160+ developers. With currently over 200 games in development, Sony stated that they are positive that they will have 20 US games for their premiere, and 50 by Christmas. Sony also stated that the Japanese PlayStation unit will not be compatible with the US unit. Some hot titles that we saw at the Sony booth included Viewpoint, Ballblazer X, Loaded, Twisted Metal, GoMan (very early) and 3-D Lemmings. Konami had some particularly captivating titles including the ultra-violent Over Kill. Check our full coverage for more information on these hot new titles.

Electronic Arts was running their own little show in the corner with a massive new offering of PC, Saturn, and PlayStation games. EA kept up with their excellent sports reputation with NHL Hockey '96. They've brought back the fighting scenes, and soupped up everything else. EA also had a new boxing game for the 3DO, Foes of Ali. The entertainment division unveiled a new generation of interactive movie watching with Psychic Detective for the 3DO and PlayStation. Also on the PlayStation was much of the Bullfrog line-up, including Syndicate: Corporate Wars - the PlayStation version will be developed and released before the PC version! The game included full real time light-sourcing, and killer graphics. It was far from complete, but promises to greatly improve on the original. The Bullfrog division was also making a showing on the PC front. With several ports of console titles like Need for Speed, as well as several original titles, PC gaming is still an obvious focus of the Bullfrog team.

Computer gamers have a lot to look forward to. From a compilation CD of all the classic Bitmap brothers games, to the new Windows95 native games, the news was everywhere. Gamers should be excited, especially if they plan on making the transition to Windows95. The shear percentage of computer games being developed for Windows95 at the show was astonishing. Even Microsoft had some hot in-house showings! From the 3-D Doom-style Win95 pack-in to the fast action native 3-D shooter, the games were remarkable. Any OS/2 users planning to go to Win95 can also throw their joystick problems out the door. The O/S native joystick support demonstrated at the show was far superior to any other PC based gaming platform. Windows 95 will also have native support for the VR headset developed by Virtual IO.

Atari demonstrated a very early copy of their Defender 2000 for the Jaguar today. The version at the show was a close to pixel perfect translation of the original, while the Defender Plus mode showed lots of promise. The 2000 mode was still in development.

As the show comes to a close, we plan to gather the most current information and an in-depth view of the show. Expect to see screen shots, show highlights, and more! So check back here--Game Zero--Your detonation point for gaming information.

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