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Air Combat - PlayStation (left), Tekken - PlayStation (right)


Namco had a very impressive showing with several hot new titles for the Sony PlayStation, many of which will be released when the PlayStation premieres in September. One of the hottest titles at the booth was Tekken, a Virtua Fighter 2-style textured-mapped 3D one-on-one fighting game. Eight deadly fighters battle to the death for the world's most powerful motivator - money! A complete, detailed environment displayed at a full 60 frames per second puts this title among the top.

Ridge Racer, a perfect translation of the arcade, includes many added bonuses over the coin-op version such as ten new cars and four new modes. Players can also race using a sleek super-car - if they can unlock the secret to finding it. Air Combat, Starblade Alpha and CyberSled, another perfect arcade translation, will also be released for the launch of the PlayStation.

(photo) (photo)
Cybersled - PlayStation (left), Ridge Racer - PlayStation (right)

In addition, CyberSled will be cross-released on the Sega Saturn. Super Nintendo and Genesis releases of WeaponLord and Pac-in-Time will be available later this fall.

Weapon Lord - SNES/Genesis

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