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Sanctuary Woods

The Journeyman Project Director's Cut for the Sony PlayStation is an expanded version of the original. You play a time traveling law enforcement officer out to protect history. The Journeyman Project Director's Cut will also be released for the Sega Saturn. Expect to see both versions this winter.

XS:Shield Up, Fight Back - Playstation/Saturn


SCI re-introduced themselves into console gaming with some great looking new games. The graphically intensive Lawnmower Man 2 is coming to the PlayStation and Saturn. This title is based off of the $15 million dollar budget feature film starring Matt Frewer. Other upcoming titles for the PlayStation and Saturn include XS:Shield Up, Fight Back featuring 60 different opponents in a gladitorial tournament setting. Also, Gender Wars, where you are pit against the opposite sex (your choice) in a battle to the obliteration of the other gender. SCI takes a different twist in their title, Kingdom O' Magic, a hilarious comical non-linear RPG for the PlayStation and Saturn.

Sega shows off Daytona USA on the big screen

Sega of America

Sega shocked the crowds with a surprise release of the Sega Saturn. This powerful next-generation system features 2-32 bit processors, a 128 bit sound DSP, dual spin CD-ROM, and a 3D engine capable of delivering 100,000 polygons per second. Initial and early release games include Daytona USA, an excellent translation of the arcade hit, Bug, a zippy platform game, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing, and the visually-stimulating Panzer Dragoon. Coming this winter, the fully-textured Virtua Fighter 2 promises excitement. Additional winter releases include Black Fire, Congo The Movie: The Lost City of Zinj, GhenWar, and Free Runner.

(photo) (photo)
Panzer Dragoon - Saturn (left), Daytona USA - Saturn (right)

(photo) (photo)
Virtua Fighter - Saturn (left), Virtua Fighter 2 - Saturn (right)

(photo) (photo)
Clockwork Knight - Saturn (left), Bug! - Saturn (right)

Virtua Cop - Saturn

(photo) (photo) (photo)
Accesories for the Sega Saturn, the Virtual Stick (left), Mission Stick (middle), and Arcade Racer (right)


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