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NHL All-Star Hockey - Saturn (left), Worldwide Soccer - Saturn (right)

Sega of America (continued)

The Saturn division of Sega Sports promises some of the hottest sports titles to be released. NHL All-Star Hockey explodes with 26 real NHL teams, 7 different play modes, and support for 12-player simultaneous gaming! NBA Action, a hyper-realistic basketball game, features 10-player simultaneous action and 19 different camera modes, including first-person perspective. Prime Time NFL Football, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Worldwide Soccer and Grand Slam Baseball also provide multiple 3D views, changing perspectives and realistic gameplay.

(photo) (photo)
NBA Action - Saturn (left), Prime Time NFL Football - Saturn (right)

(photo) (photo)
Pebble Beach Golf Links - Saturn (left), Grand Slam Baseball - Saturn (right)

New 32X games include Spiderman: Web of Fire, Prime Time NFL Football, NBA Action, Garfield, Rachet and Bolt, X-Men, 32Xtreme, Virtua Hamster, Kolibri, VR Troopers, Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000, and many others. SGI-rendered graphics using motion-capture animation highlight Spiderman: Web of Fire. Virtua Hamster - we assume this isn't a cruel joke - pits players as Chip, the world's fastest skateboarding hamster. Kolibri, much in the style of the Ecco series, follows the story of hummingbird (with laser assault weapons!) who must return nature to normal after it is ravaged by crystal meteorites. The 24Mb World Series Baseball has several all-new features including the ability to create customized leagues.

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Sega Neptune system (left) is a sleek new design of the Genesis/32X (right)


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